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IELTS Listening

Time: Approximately 09 minutes


  • Answer all the questions.
  • You can change your answers at any time during the test.


  • There are 10 questions in this test.
  • Each question carries one mark.
  • There are four parts to the test.
  • Please note you will only hear each part once in your actual test. However for familiarisation and practice purposes, this familiarisation test will allow you to listen to each recording multiple times.
  • For each part of the test there will be time for you to look through the questions and time for you to check your answers.

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IELTS Listening Part 1

Questions 1 - 4

Choose the correct answer.

1 Why does she call this doctor?
  • He is popular among oversea students.

  • The advertisement says he is excellent.

  • She heard that he was a good doctor.

2 How does the sickness affect the woman?
  • It interrupts work.

  • It keeps her awake at night.

  • It makes her feel anxious.

3 What does the doctor want to know?
  • how long she has suffered from the problem

  • whether she has suffered headaches before

  • what caused the headache

4 What does the doctor suggest doing first?
  • taking some medicine

  • having an optic examination

  • wearing glasses when using a computer

Questions 5-6

Complete the sentences below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

In order to get to the optic examination centre, she should

  • Take a turn at the
  • Then turn left at the

Questions 7-10

Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

    Personal information

  • Name: Anu Bhatt

  • Postcode:

    Family medical history

  • Both of her parents have

    Other information

  • Medicine Allergy:

Optic Examination - IELTS Listening Part 1 Answers

Question Your Answer Correct Answer
1 C. She heard that he was a good doctor.
2 A. It interrupts work.
3 B. whether she has suffered headaches before
4 B. having an optic examination
5 third
6 first traffic light
7 21 Eagle
8 AL2 1DY/AL21DY
9 toothache
10 none